How sad it is to be sitting at my desk at work again after such a weekend!

Memorial Day weekend was lovely. I accomplished absolutely nothing, and I feel wonderful for it. A terribly long description of my nice weekend follows:

On Saturday, the Husband and I went out in search of the elusive General Grievous action figure. Despite all the descriptions on eBay of these figures as “RARE!” and “HARD TO FIND!!!!” I was fairly certain that we could find these fairly easily.

I was wrong.

Five stores later (two Targets, two Wal-Marts, and a Toys ‘R Us,) I finally have the toy. Or, to be more accurate, toys. I have three action figures, all different. There are at least four different ones I haven’t bought, nor will I. I think even my geekdom has its limitations. I have the exploding body Grievous and the Grievous of Many, Many Arms, so I should be happy.

Saturday evening brought the Thomases, a couple from Idaho, to our house for the weekend. They are old friends of the family. We all had dinner together and there was much alcohol consumed.

The Husband and I snuck out to Kingdom of Heaven. I’m still not quite sure of my opinion of the film. It was certainly well-meaning in its attempts to show both sides of the story, both Christian and Muslim, and I applaud those efforts. I am also aware that little in the story has basis for truth, that there really was no large battle for Jerusalem. Ah well. Orlando Bloom was endearing. The leper king of Jerusalem was possibly the most interesting character in the film, and the disembodied voice of his from behind the mask was definitely an attention-grabber. The best line in the film came from Godfrey: “I once fought two days with an arrow in my testicle.” A strong man, that.

Sunday brought further opportunities for indolence. I slept in very late, as did The Husband. I went to the Sushi-TV Bar in Gilbert with the Thomases and my parents for lunch, which was lovely. The sushi was quite good, but descriptions of what I ate fail me, because I am not too familiar with sushi to know really what I was eating. I didn’t try any of the sashimi, not being overly fond of the idea of eating raw fish, but I think I ate California rolls, and some sort of spicy crab roll. It was all very good, but I think I should have stayed away from the wasabi. There were a few times when the wasabi burned a trail through my sinuses. For dinner, we all went to Buffalo Wild Wings for trivia and wings. We had a glorious time and beat down everyone else playing in the bar. My claim to trivia fame is that I knew the song “Human Again” came from Beauty and the Beast.

On Monday, we roused ourselves out of our lazy stupor to wash The Truck and do some grocery shopping. We later attended dinner with everyone at the Macaroni Grill, where we spent a good hour imbibing liberally at the bar. We are regulars in this bar, so much so that the bartender immediately knew my father on sight and knew what drink he would order. I don’t know if being a regular in a bar is a good thing, but we had a very nice time anyway. We ate dinner there, and The Husband and I split an order of chicken parmigian. I think it was good, but I don’t entirely remember. Three glasses of chianti tend to erase and obscure short-term memory.

After dinner, and after I had sobered, I finished The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins. It is an excellent thriller/mystery. It is a long read, being exceptionally wordy and lengthy, but it is worth it. It is the kind of book one loathes to put down, and I certainly did.

After such a weekend, I was not entirely enthused about coming back to work. I have even dressed in a somewhat casual manner for work today in protest. However, this week will be another short one for me because I have requested Friday off. It will give me some time to begin my statistics class (horrors!!) and begin the Zorro novel I bought.

Oh, by the way, it was our wedding anniversary on the 26th. I sorta forgot to mention it in my previous post, where it should have been listed. Happy 5th to us.

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