I attended the Serenity pre-screening last night in Tempe, thanks to my sister and her friend David, who managed to snag five tickets. We all had a jolly time standing outside in line, meeting nice people, and gathering our free goodies from Universal. (A poster AND a keychain! Whee!) Everybody cheered when the doors were opened and they let us in. (The fact it was hot outside was one inducement to cheer, mind you, but fan gleeage was the main reason.)

The film is excellent. You will all want to run out and see it. Trust me on this. There is lots of action and humor, and the story’s interesting and engaging. The actors can actually ACT, so it’ll be a nice change of pace from Revenge of the Sith. (Okay, there were real actors in that too, but in all… it’s just not on the same level.)


There is ONE THING that happens that shocked me. Okay, possibly TWO THINGS that shocked me, but ONE THING in particular upset me greatly, and most of the people there, too. I won’t tell you what it is, because… spoilers are bad. But suffice it to say, on our way out of the theater, a number of people went up to the Universal folks and told them they needed a re-write to fix this ONE THING. I don’t quite know what Joss Whedon was thinking, but he really needs to fix it. Sorry, Joss. Loved the film, hated the ONE THING.

The security at this event was quite something to watch. We all had to get searched for camera-capable phones, and there were men with night-vision goggles watching us all. Paranoid for an internet leak of images/video? You bet.

Anyway. GO see the movie. September 30th. You will like it!

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