Thursday is the New Friday

Well, not quite, but it wasn’t a bad day.

I have a fuzzy Chewbacca toy that I gottoday with my Burger King kid’s meal. It’s very cute and I am all a-squeal over it. Lunch has never been so fun.

CSI finale was tonight, and I missed the first hour. Daaaam. What I saw was… interesting. I think I may be slowly losing my interest in these shows. I like some of the characters, and I thought Nick’s dream-autopy sequence was highly amusing, but at the end I felt that I’d either seen the plot somewhere else before, or I was just now immune to CSI’s charms. (I’ve always been for the bloody gore parts of the show, but lately, the scenes of re-enacted murders make me cringe. Are they overdoing it a little bit? Am I the only one who thinks so?) I’m also not a big Quentin Tarantino fan. So, eh, it was a finale. Big whoop.

ER finale: Omg, the porch crash. It was almost as bad as that one episode where the grumpy doctor got his arm cut off by a helicopter blade. Um, yeesh. Not too sorry to see Carter go. Sorry. And I still don’t like Abby. So why was I watching? I don’t know. I blame peer pressure.

The boss will be out again tomorrow. She says she has a respiratory infection. I have been left to train our temp worker all by my lonesome, and with things as slow as they have been, I’m hurting for things to teach her. I guess we’ll tackle the art of data entry, and maybe I’ll make her answer the phone for me. Being the boss could have its advantages, perhaps.

I am still waiting to hear about when they’ll post the job that my co-worker will retire from next month. I plan to submit my resume very quickly. I think I have a good chance of snagging the job, if for no other reason but that I’m already here. And I know our database. And I’ve been there 2.5 years now, and doing a pretty bang-up job of it.

All for now. Toodles.

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