Mood Swings

Damn. It’s amazing how fast my mood can make a big-ass pendulum swing from good to rotten. I have been relatively laid-back today, but one co-worker comes in with a problem and BAM, bitch-mode kicks in.

I was snippy with her. I admit it. There was a problem with the data entry she brought me. It was a minor problem. It was with a member’s account that I had shown her as a problem before. I gave her the printout of the problem. That was two months ago. She hadn’t touched the thing in two months and came trapsing in here all, “Well I know what was wrong!” which was like, no shit Sherlock, I knew what the problem was too when I brought it to your attention two months ago. That was why I brought it to your attention at the time, FOOL. And it wasn’t like I went atomic the moment she walked in here, it was when she started in with the whole, “Why wasn’t it done right in the first place? Who did it? Whose handwriting is this? Why isn’t it fixed? Blah blah blah JUMP PLEB, JUMP!”

This is, of course, when I got snippy, because… I don’t know why. I just did. I’m usually very easy-going and try to laugh everything off, or apologize profusely and move on. This time? No freaking way. A code wasn’t right. Fine. But there was this OTHER code in there that should have done the trick anyway, and I was the one who researched the problem and told her about it so the records could be made straight, but… yeah. There was no conspiracy to fuck this up on any level, so she can take a step back as far as I’m concerned. It would have been done correctly if the person who had taken the donation down had written it down correctly. If it’s not written on a pledge form? We don’t know about it. But she doesn’t get that and she annoyed me, so I gnawed on her a little. It got kinda bad.

This is happening more and more often. I don’t quite know what to do.

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