My Own Horn

It’s amazing what a difference just a few little days makes, doesn’t it? This time last week I was trying to ignore my history final and feeling depressed about work. Now I’ve graduated, got an A in that class, and may have an opportunity at work to advance.

I’ve also lost 29 pounds. Feel free to hit me. It’s okay. I understand.

So, yeah, just tooting my own horn here. It feels nice to even have a horn.

In that same vein, a word about Iris Lit: This is a place I’m scribbling all the strange and vague fictional ramblings that pop into my head. The stuff isn’t connected or done in any order, but some of it has turned out to be related. If you have time to kill at work or something, feel free to stop by.

PS– Working on The Woman in White, and am about 135 pages into it. Intriguing thus far. Also reading Therapy, a Johnathan Kellerman mystery featuring his shrink-and-detective team. I’ve read a few of his novels, and I’m still wondering why. They are oddly entertaining for reasons I can’t really ascertain. They are pretty much junk, but the shrink’s an interesting guy, and I love the detective character. Hmm.

PSS– If you live in the metro Phoenix area and like jazz, I recommend Simply Noodles in Mesa. Lookit up sometime. We saw a fab combo play this past weekend, and they even had a vocalist with them. Speaking of horns, the bandleader, Hakim, played a muted trumpet. I love the muted trumpet in jazz. For examples, please refer to Kind of Blue (which everyone should own if they love jazz) and Miles Davis. “Flamenco Sketches” in particular will enlighten you to the joys of the muted trumpet, and is my favorite track.

PS3– Simply Noodles also features the best pot stickers you’ll ever eat, and probably the best Cosmopolitan ever. The three I had were divine. Why yes, I am a lush.

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