Yep. All graduated.

The ceremony was nice. It took two hours, which I felt severely cut into my drinking time, but, okay. Michael Crow was a little… unfocused as a speaker. It didn’t seem like conferring degrees was really his bag of tea. I loved his bling chain of office, however. I also had to love the mondo staff of ASU academia that had to be specially placed before the ceremony began. Little traditions that are silly amuse me.

There were… tons of people there yesterday. Tons. And I think the Liberal Arters were the biggest group of the bunch. Our section stretched on forever. I think I read somewhere that 1200 people graduated with liberal arts degrees at ASU this spring. Like, dang. So there are now a lot of us out there now who can read, write a decent research paper, and probably won’t be paid a whole lot for our trouble.

The ASU Alumni Foundation gave a not-subtle welcome to all the new graduates after all the degrees had been handed out. Way to hit us up early, guys. Of course, I received a mailing two-three days ago asking for a contribution. Already. No moss grows under their feet. Will I give in and give money? Probably.

You just have to love academic regalia. The bachelor degree outfits are a little plain, but you get into the masters degrees and the doctorates, they get funnier hats and hoods. Just another reason to get another degree, folks.

At the end of the ceremony, they played our Alma Mater song, which none of us knew, and which many of us thought was a little hokey. Somthing about “Western skies” and whatnot. While we were filing out, they released mass balloonage on the populace, and many who had just received their degrees celebrated their newly-documented smarts by popping balloons.

What next? Finishing up my application to grad school, applying for financial aid, and (possibly) a new job. No rest for the wicked.

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