Yo. Just a random assortment of links and other amusements.

From the Phoenix sports world: The Coyotes are offering Wayne Gretzky the head coaching position. Unfettered optimism at its best, kiddies. They actually think the NHL will play hockey again. Next they’ll be telling us the Easter Bunny and good viola players are real.

From, um, my world: I am free. FREEEEEEE. BUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!! No more finals, no more books, no more teacher’s dirty looks.

It was very hard writing seriously about World War II with “Allo Allo” quotes running through my head. “Yes, Herr Flick!” Hee hee hee hee!

The boss threw a little fete for me today at work, which was very nice of her. Better still, she made a chocolate cake. Mmm, cake. I also got a balloon and a little Beanie Baby owl named Smarty. I’m so easily amused, you know? A bean-bag stuffed toy and a cake’ll do it every time.

We have pre-screening tickets to see “Serenity!” (That’s the “Firefly” movie.) We’ll get to see it this month, instead of having to wait until September. Sweeeeet.

Oh… I am taking suggestions for books I should read while I’m on break from schoolwork. So far I have The Woman in White, Lord John and the Private Matter, Maskerade, a bunch of Lovecraft stories, and a Johnathan Kellerman mystery or two. I hope to read The Secret History of the Pink Carnation, too, when I can get my hands on a copy. If anyone stumbles across this and has read it, lemme know. Am curious. OH. And I understand there’s a Zorro novel out now, too. I will definitely add that to the list. I am all for anything Zorroish or Scarlet Pimpernelish.

There’s also an online book club offered through ASU and the Virginia C. Piper Center for Creative Writing. There’s a blog online you can join and talk about this book, which is a pretty neat idea, really. I think I might join in just for shits and giggles.

Speaking of ASU, if you are interested in having a looksee at the big ole graduation bash there tomorrow (where I will be, amongst all the other little gradulings,) have a look here. It starts at 10 AM local time.

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