Miscellany That Must Signal that I Am Bored At Work

Yep. Bored. Boss is out with monster-attack of the allergies, and I am holding down ze fort. Ze fort, eet ees staying put.

24 Notes: The ending just about killed me. Chloe with a machine gun? Priceless. I also thought the whole Prez fucking things up and having to apologize bit was good. A government that’s not infallible? What a concept. But now that President Palmer is on the scene, we are saved! Huzzah!! (Can Bush rent him for an afternoon…?) Not that he’s been wholly absent, with those insurance ads on every single commercial break this season.

Oh, y’all should grab the latest TV Guide. They have MegaSpoilers in this issue relating to 24, Lost, and a whole host of other shows that other people watch but I don’t. Oh, there’s CSI stuff in there, too, and Smallville. So. Yeah. It’s fun. The Lost poster-map is amusing, too. Some of the stuff they reveal/don’t reveal? Goofy. Uh huh. Especially the 24 bits. Those writers are funky in the head.

School (ick) Notes: I finished off my science class last night, which is very good. Now I just have to get the prof off his duff to grade it, so I can send the credits to ASU, and therefore graduate. This is harder than it sounds, however, as I have noticed this particular prof moves about as quickly as erosion in dry weather. Which is to say… slowly. Hmm.

Sports Notes: Diamondbacks are playing relatively well. “G-Force” as a nickname does not inspire much fanloving for the three Gs with me, but, okay.

The Suns game was quite impressive on Sunday. I can’t remember the last time when I watched them play. We used to be big fans, but they traded away everyone we loved, so we split ways. Tragic, eh?

If I owned a baseball team in Washington, D.C., I would come up with a better name for the Nationals. The Nationals? Dorky.

Better Names for the Washington Nationals:
Pork Barrels
Special Interests
Greedy Old White Guys
… just to name a few.

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