Waiting for Godot. Er, Ohio.

Still nothing from Ohio. Sigh.

The new pope? Will suck. He is ultra conservative and exactly what the Catholic Church does NOT need right now. Like I care anyway, right? He’s another religious leader I can ignore.

The Gen Soy chocolate mint bar is very good. Mmm, mintysoy.

Goals for the day:
1. Don’t strangle the temp. Luckily, she’s left for the day, so I am safe.
2. Pick up monstrously-huge pile of books on Louis Armstrong at the library.
4. Write “progress report” and bibliography for my Louis Armstrong-jazz history paper. (“Dear Prof, I’ve done exactly NIL for this paper so far, but look at this list of books. Thank you. Regards, Aem.”)
3. Plow through a chapter of physical geography reading that I previously skipped because I have less than no interest in the subject.
4. Must make money on the mud or my mudly alter-ego will be homeless. And that will be bad.
5. Somehow make it to bed at a reasonable hour. Okay, nevermind.
6. Take my walk. I am up to 13 minutes. Don’t y’all dare laugh. 😛


PS- The whole walking thing: I am supposed to exercise six days a week. And so far, I really have. I mean, for real. This is a huge change for me and a big deal. I am supposed to work up to 30-45 minutes’ worth a day, so I can see where 13 minutes doesn’t sound like a lot. I am working up to it, as per the exercise-specialist-person’s advice. Just thought I should clarify, because it sounded like I was an unwilling participant in my daily walk, which isn’t true. Right. Going back to work now.

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