Alphabet for Dummies

Am bitter.

After much consternation and many cancellations, they finally hired a temp worker to assist in our office. The lady they interviewed was hired immediately because, well, nobody wanted to sit and twiddle while another interviewee stood them up.

The temp? She can’t alphabetize.

She is a forty-plus-year-old woman.

Not that we needed a temp worker. The Uberboss decided to meddle with the inner workings of our office because she was bored. So be it.

Actually, the Uberboss thought we needed someone to help with the phones. We don’t need help with the phones, we just need my boss to pick up occasionally. But since Hell freezing over and the Pittsburgh Pirates winning the World Series this year are more likely, we needed a temp.

But she can’t alphabetize.

I am supposed to train her tomorrow how to answer the phone intelligently. Bitch, PLEASE.

A before B. B before C. C before D. D before…


To summarize: My boss is a slacker and the temp is a nitwit. I run the department. Thank you, and goodnight.

PS- OMGWTF they shot Detective Green on Law and Order!! (Will they kill him off because he’s a lesbian? :P)

PSS- I have the Garbage CD SQUEEEEEEEEE. The Husband is so good to me.

PSSS- Diamondbacks on a winning streak!

PSSS- They are reviewing applications in Ohio on Friday. EEP.

PSSSS- “Think Thin” brand protein bars are very good, despite the fact I hate the brand name. (Think Thin? Is that from the same people who came up with the whole “nothing tastes as good as thin feels” slogan? I would love to deck the ass that came up with that one. I think it might have been Richard Simmons. DIE.) Anyway, if you are someone who is on a bariatric diet or whatever, these are very yummy. Try the smores flavor and the chocolate.

PS… um… to infinity: Natural peanut butter is fab. I bought the Wild Oats Market Organic creamy brand. I thought I would hate it, but it’s my new favorite thing.

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