Ketchup/Catch Up

Haven’t done much here, except spam with entreaties to go read the little fiction project. So, insert another plea here. The link is just off there to the right. Engorge on lovely fiction, waste time at work, sharpen knives at home, grow more hair, etc.

Out in the real world, everyone at work is incompetant. Except for me. If only I was kidding.

The Husband and I had a lovely dinner out tonight at the Macaroni Grill. He went out of his way to make it very special, so I think him. He bought me a rose and wrote romantic things on the ceiling of his truck in velcro straps. No, really.

I am very behind on my physical geography homework. It makes me feel dumb. Whereas I breezed through a history midterm the other week without studying, each and every word for this class must be considered most carefully, and many times over, for comprehension. I am most dissatisfied.

Pledge continues. This too shall pass, but not soon enough.

Anyone else find it abhorrent that our government paid a reporter to say nice things about crappy policies?

My own little deadline for sending off my application to Ohio has passed, and the thing’s not in the mail yet. My boss is dragging her feet on my letter of recommendation. I had to ask for it today, which made me feel a little squirmy for some reason. I only gave her like, an entire month to get it done, too. Hopefully that gets done tomorrow, because I am tres antsy about it.

I found a link for the Firefly movie just in time to realize that I secretly heart Adam Baldwin. Not so secretly. I think I’ve felt this way since Independence Day but I wasn’t woman enough to admit it until now. Looking forward to this movie.

Happy Wear-Green-Or-Get-Pinched Day, everyone.

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