Week In Review: Grumpy Bear, Elvis Cthulhu, and Apollo

The Week from Hell is coming to a close! It’s time to hit the Stoli and watch much of the Sci-Fi Channel. If only I can live these last few hours of work… yoik.

I am still a bit puzzled about last week’s episode of Battlestar Galactica. Was Apollo on vacation? Out at a tanning booth? Attending a book fair?? He didn’t show up the entire episode. Huh.

And now for something completely different, a pig at Stonehenge , compliments of The Husband.

Speaking of The Husband… for Valentine’s Day he went to three Hot Topic stores to get me a gigantic Grumpy Bear cuddle pillow. Fiesta Mall and Chandler Mall were both out of Grumpies, but had plenty of Cheer Bears. (There are people who shop at Hot Topic that cuddle with Cheer Bear? I think these people might be in the wrong store.) He then called Superstition Springs and… they had plenty left over! Woohoo! I have wanted one since I saw it in the store in December.

He is one huge bear. He is the Gigantic Grumpy Bear Of Doom and appeals to the six-year-old within me. (The six-year-old who has clearly taken over. I have… er… four Grumpy Bears now? Five? And a Bedtime Bear? And did I ever blog about my Bedtime Bear puppet that I ran around with in Toys R Us and badgering The Husband with questions about pot and special brownies?)

I made a big double-layer chocolate cake for Valentine’s Day and it turned out to be pretty good. I even made the frosting myself. I then scribbled plaid frosting-gel lines in pink, white, and red. Why? Because sometimes you just have to play with frosting gel. Take my word for it.

In other pointless toy news, while we went to pick up the Gigantic Grumpy Bear of Doom, we passed by a store that had an Elvis Cthulhu for sale. It was… very disturbing. I was very happy to let that particular cthulhu stay in the store. Creepy.

As you know, I have my own cthulhu. I have discovered that he is not the sort of toy that will happily sit with you on the bed while you do your homework, or suffer with you through a migraine. There is something about that toy that forces me to keep it on a shelf. Seriously. You can just sit there and look at me funny all you want, but I’m totally serious. He gives off funny, “I’m the God, you’re the Mortal Scum, so just let me sit up here with your history books and Grumpy Bear and leave it at that. Okay?” vibes. So keep this in mind before adopting a cthulhu: He’s not a hugger.

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