Things. And Other Things. And Entirely Different Things, To Go With Those First Two Kinds of Things.

Was this the most depressing day of the year? Someone somewhere that was quoted on the news (I don’t have a research budget on this blog, okay?) worked out some formula that named January 24th the most depressing day of the year. It was a tad depressing, sure, but it was a Monday. Whoever that was that came up with that complicated formula? He had it easy. He started with a Monday. In January. No degree needed to come up with THAT stunner.

Yes, I’m sad the Steelers lost. Depressed. Utterly shattered. Without hope or gleam of happiness.


There’s… always… next year… *sniffle*

Next: The Husband and I are now meeting with a financial planner-helper person, which so far feels like a financial psychologist of sorts. We have thus far learned that I don’t respect money. Of course I don’t respect money! It jumps in and out of my wallet with gross irregularity. I suspect it’s… visiting other wallets. *sniff*

24 was terrific. I will recap it as usual tomorrow. I think. I have this feeling I’m the only one who reads those. But I can’t resist, because it was an especially good episode.

I have read that the last episode of Law and Order that featured Elizabeth Rohm had her reveal that she’s a lesbian in the final 30 seconds of the show. This is possibly the best evidence I have heard for Law and Order to be retired for good. I didn’t watch every single episode with this character, but really, there were no hints or clues anywhere. The writers must be completely exhausted and sans ideas at this point. This show hasn’t just jumped the shark; it ski-jumped a hammerhead and landed with a flourish. Yipe.

I have finally organized my MP3 collection, and I can report that I have way too many. All the pop, classical, and Broadway tunes are now in their proper folders. (I have too many POTO and Pimpernel MP3s. It’s so damn cool.) I’m still trying to figure out a proper name for a folder for lounge-y jazz vocalists like Diana Krall, Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Harry Connick Jr. Hmm.

Oh… I think there was some comment somewhere (I’m so damn vague tonight, geez) that mentioned someone wanted to hear more about pirates? Well, sadly, I had to drop the class. There were four huge books to buy and I didn’t really need the credits, so… yep.

Oh. Also, Erin? I just got your message. Doh. I will call you tomorrow!

Right. Next bit of business, the “suggested searches” on the MSN homepage amuse me. Example: “Krispy Kreme vs. Dunkin Donuts.” To hell with the Super Bowl, this is the game we’ll all be watching! GO CHOCOLATE-ICED-CUSTARD-FILLED! RA RA!

Last bit, if you are ever in Tempe, eat lunch at Chompie’s. It’s on University, and it’s very good. We had an excellent lunch there, complete with a “black and white” cookie, which was a yummy cake-cookie hybrid. So tasty. I think that lunch with The Husband was the highlight of my day.

Until Jack Bauer busted into that warehouse and kicked some terrorist ass. Raaa.

Anyway. I’m going to bed now. Goodnight.

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  1. Loren Says:

    Yay donuts! Boo on the pirates…

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