24 Returns!

SQUEE 24 is back SQUEE.

Sorry. I can’t help it.

Tonight’s episode, the 2-hour season premiere:

Time: 7-8 AM, then 8-9 AM
Explosions: 2
Kidnappings: 3
Approximate Body Count: 6 plus the people on the train… I kinda missed that count. 30? Something.
Tortured Prisoners: 1
Times Jack Bauer Defied Orders: 2-3
Romantic, Mushy Moments: 1
Times I Remembered How Much I Dislike Chloe: 6
Quick, Run-on Sentence Recap: Jack Bauer smooched his sweetie and uncharacteristically wore a tie to an important meeting at CTU, where he was fired a year or so ago by the evil bosslady who hates hates hates him for some strange reason, a meeting that was interrupted by a terrorist attack on a train and the kidnapping of his girlfriend and his boss, who is his girlfriend’s father and the Secretary of Defense, as a terrorist family discussed the fall of the Western world over a breakfast of scrambled eggs at the same time as a computer geek found some scary code over the Internet and warned Chloe, who is unfortunately back again to torture us all, who trusts Jack more than her current boss, which got her in some trouble, but this was forgotten mostly because the bosslady, who is actually named Erin Driscoll, reinstated Jack to work in field ops even though he punched out a CTU guard and shot a prisoner in the leg to learn, albeit too late, that his boss would be kidnapped, which is something else that was pretty much forgotten later because Jack was too late to nab the computer geek, who was kidnapped because he knows about the nasty internet virus-thing, a nabbing that ended in the shooting death of the head CTU field ops guy, which of course leaves Jack Bauer all alone in a black SVU to take on the baddies by his lonesome.
Next Episode Preview: Two more hours of this tomorrow night. SQUEE. Looks like the Turkish teenager will have to shoot his girlfriend, Jack will don a ski mask, and loads of other shit will hit the fan. God, I love this show.

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